A QT hotel is more than just a stay, it's an experience

Nov 06, 2020
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I'll never forget my first time staying at a QT hotel.

Admittedly, I was quite spoiled, as my first was at QT Sydney, which remains to this day my hands down favourite, but I'm determined to try them all out just in case...

From the moment you approach the hotel, with it's distinctive door-people in their purple wigs, it's impossible not to fall in love with the place. The classic architecture is embraced in the hotel's design - as with all of their hotels they take in the history and natural surrounds to create a truly unique experience.

All of the staff are made up at the salon downstairs, and are all impeccably dressed - often in costumes from the state theater next door.

Then I climbed into the elevator and enjoyed another personal touch - a song to reflect your current situation (yes elevator, one IS the loneliest number, but don't judge me!).

Exit stage right, I headed to my room - the dark panelling of the hallway and the dim lighting providing a seductive and mysterious air, the room number displayed by a hand with no body in sight...

Enter a truly opulent space, all black marble and red trimmings. A spacious room with a decadent bathroom including a bath (depending on which room type you choose). Their signature cocktail - an espresso martini - available to make for yourself in your room.

If that's not your style I stayed there months later in the other wing and it's like a completely different hotel - same personal touches, but all bright lights and blonde wood.

Since then I've collected the QT Canberra and QT Melbourne - and discovered that they all have their own distinctive styles and signature cocktails!

Each QT also has a range of fabulous restaurants and bars within, so there's never a boring moment, unless you're looking for one (I recommend the bath!). The rooftop bar at QT Melbourne is one of the best rooftop bars in a city full of rooftop bars, I'd highly recommend it.

So, once the borders re-open, if you come looking for me you'll find me at QT - not sure which one, because I'm determined to try them all!