Best Games to Play Over Zoom

Nov 01, 2021
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Although border controls are slowly lifting and life is feeling a little more normal, one of the good things that we can get from the pandemic is that we are now experts on video chat. And what does that mean? We can still use this tool for when we’re apart. 

Here’s five of the best games to play over video calls.


It’s obvious and it’s always a winner. When pub trivia was taken away from us, nothing stood in the way of those filled with random knowledge. That’s when Zoom Trivia took over. People all over the world were learning about new cultures as they all engaged with local and international trivia. Shared over drinks, Zoom Trivia was a pandemic staple that stayed.

Lightning Scavenger hunt

This one will take some fast movers. It’s so simple and yet so fun. Someone writes out a list of five common household items (no knives or scissors for safety’s sake!) and calls them out one by one. The fastest to retrieve it is the winner of that round.

Guess The Movie

This one is for the film buffs. It will take a little organising, as someone creates a YouTube playlist with film scenes in it. What happens next? You know! Guess the film! Fastest wins! You can break it into categories like: what happens next? What film score is this? It’s fun for everyone, but particularly the ones who love their cinema.

Guess Who?

Guess Who is for a few players, preferably if they take up a full screen of squares. It challenges the players to identify an opponent and then have the players ask questions, “does this person wear glasses?” Each person wearing glasses then turns off their cameras until there is one final person remaining who was the feature of the game.

Mystery Singer

Much like The Masked Singer, Mystery Singer is a whodunnit of voices. With everyone’s cameras off, choose three people in advance and have them sing a chorus of a song. Everyone must then vote who is who singing. You’ll be surprised by who can carry a note… and who can’t.