Explore Your Own Backyard: Wilson's Prom, VIC

Oct 25, 2021
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Image Source: Visit Victoria

It’s time to explore your own backyard. Perhaps there’s been things only a stone’s throw away that as Aussies who travel have neglected. What does our own backyard have to offer?

Known for being the cultural and sports capital of Australia, with laneways, live gigs and dive bars, Victoria isn’t famous for its beaches. Unlike the pristine beaches with which Sydney is nestled among or the stretches of endless sand as found in Queensland, Victoria is a little lacking for water babies.

Bells Beach is a famous spot for the Quiksilver Pro, but the cold waters and jagged rocks can make for a sketchy swim.

Also, Victorians shiver through nine months of the year. The snow is more enticing than the hard to reach and even harder to swim at beaches that make up Victoria’s coast. 

That is until you reach Wilson’s Prom. Pristine stretches of white sand, Wilson’s Prom is located three hours east of Melbourne. The southernmost tip of Australia’s mainland, the Prom as it’s known colloquially, is made up of dozens of walks.

For those who are up for an hour or two, or for those who are ready to pack up their backpacks and hit the trails for up to three days. Those who choose to rack up the steps will be rewarded with pristine and basically isolated beaches. 

From the white beaches to the boulders that soar from the sand in the ocean, you’ll forget if only for a moment that you’re in Victoria and be taken to somewhere incomparable.