Happiness = Planning a Holiday

Nov 15, 2021
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We’ve all been deprived of our favourite thing over the last two years: travel. Whether traveling, planning traveling, or just daydreaming about travel, it’s hard to have it taken away from us.

But not only are lockdowns ending, state borders opening up — but international borders are also starting to slowly open up. And so, it’s time to plan a holiday. 

But why does planning a holiday give us so much joy?

Something to look forward to

Circling the date in your calendar, making countdowns on your phone, packing your things. We all get excited when we book a holiday. It’s something to look forward to. 

You’ve heard your colleagues say, “two days left then I’m on holidays.” It sparks such joy in us. We get to travel, whether it be somewhere new or somewhere we’re familiar with. The countdown to joy is something that can’t be beaten.

Helps us imagine and daydream

When planning a holiday you picture yourself there. Watch YouTube videos of where to eat, look up blogs of activities to do. We picture our outfits, our drinks, our meals. 

Before we’re there, we’re already there in our minds. Our imagination has planned and prepared us for the mystery and the suspense of the unknown.

Brings a peace of mind

We all work hard. Late nights, some weekends. We’re hunched over a computer for many hours of the day and week. And so, when you know there’s a time coming up that you are able to log-off, shut the screen, ignore the call. It can bring your mind total peace.

Knowing that there’s a holiday and a break on the horizon makes work more bearable, chores more achievable. After all, your feet will be up soon.

Gives us a sense of control

It’s important to feel like we’re in control of our lives. And sometimes we just aren’t. We can miss deadlines, keep our affairs out of order. But booking and planning a holiday just gives us a sense of control. We keep spreadsheets of savings, documents of our bookings. Create complicated itineraries. We aren’t out of control! Look how organised we are!

We know we’re creating memories

When going on holidays, we know we’re about to create stories, anecdotes, memories. Photos for the albums, stories for the workplace. We’re going to meet new people, try new food, smell new smells. The air feels different, the water tastes different.

These memories we keep with us. In our pockets. For when we come back home, we are the same but a little bit different.