The Best Backyard Games to Play over Summer for Kids (and the adults too)

Oct 05, 2021
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Is there a better time of the year than summer? With the barbecue on, the sun out, no kids at school, there’s no time to turn off the screens and completely switch off. But for times when relaxing gets a little same-same, backyard games are the best way to bring all the fam together and celebrate with a little bit of healthy competition.

We’ve compiled the best backyard games to play during the scorching summer months.


It’s the iconic Aussie summer game, and for good reason! With cricket sets ranging from the professional to the plastic special or even just a bat, a ball and a bin, there’s nothing better than having a whack at it. From the colloquially named “tipsy” where you have to run no matter how far the ball travels, to those family members who take it just a tad too seriously, backyard cricket is for all ages and all skill levels.


Perhaps once reserved for the rich or those who loved Alice in Wonderland just a tad too much, croquet was a bit of a mystery game for a while. But now with croquet sets available all over, the once exclusive game is now enjoyed by many. And, the best thing about it? You can hit the ball with one hand, leaving your other spare to carry around a glass of delicious drink. 


Don’t have a pool? Don’t even worry about it! Slippery waterslides are the ideal substitute. Available in all shapes and sizes, who could have known how much fun a long stretch of plastic and a running hose could be? The only thing you need to be careful of is having too much fun (oh, and maybe the occasional injury.)


It’s basic in looks and perhaps seems a little easy, but as Finska’s tagline goes, “defeat friends and enemies with strategy, skill and a lump of wood!” That’s right, a lump of wood. The traditional Swedish game may look simple, but it’s a game of skills. Watch friendships pushed to the brink with this seemingly basic backyard blitz game.

Giant Connect 4

A classic boardgame brought to life! This boardgame has been played for decades over the dinner table but now it’s time to set it up in the backyard. Comically large pieces and a board as big as the dining table now, the game might still be two-player, but you’ll rustle up quite the crowd when this gets produced. Warning: could split families apart! There’s always someone who’s a little too conniving then Connect 4 is brought to the table.