Tips When Travelling With Kids

Aug 10, 2022
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Ah yes, the joy of travelling with the little ones. While it may seem understandably daunting, it doesn’t have to be. With a little bit of foresight and our fair share of travel tips as parents, your next trip may just be a bit more manageable and enjoyable for everyone.


A sleeping child during a flight is always a blessing for everyone. Try to plan your flights around your kids’ bedtime and keep as close to the routine as possible—yes, dress them in PJs and onesies, let them brush their teeth and read stories. They’ll doze off in no time.


You’re probably armed with a family travel bucket list of absolute must-do’s and see’s but with the little ones in tow, it’s going to take you at least twice the amount of time to check everything off. Keep the kids entertained with some fun activities and tours but don’t overdo it. Check out our fun and family-friendly tours on TRAVLR. 


Parents, come prepared. Pack a couple of (non-noisy) toys—maybe even throw in a new surprise—and books, anything that will keep the little ones busy in the air. Most airlines also give out complimentary fun packs for kids, so be sure to ask the steward if they have any.


Pack only what all the adults can carry—we can’t stress this enough. Sometimes kids get tired or just full-on cranky for no reason and you’ll be forced to carry their wheelie bag, blankie, and three toys they just HAD to bring. Set a limit on what each child can bring and remember that almost everything can be bought abroad (including diapers!) so don’t overpack.


There are usually designated check-in, boarding, and immigration queues for families at the airport. If possible, complete your check-in online so you’ll just have to drop off your baggage and breeze through the airport, no stress.


While your idea of a vacay is lounging by the pool sipping on Prosecco, your kids will want tons of activities. Keep the literal bundles of boundless energy occupied by booking a resort or hotel with a kids’ club and you can enjoy a couple hours of R&R, because you deserve it. Check out TRAVLR for some of our fav family-friendly recommendations.


Thanks for sharing a great content in your own perspective. Travelling especially with little kids are always sensitive because of their small ages. Like there are many travelers want to go Nepal for hiking holidays with thier kids but sometimes it is a kind of problem about the high altitudes and the hiking routes because of cold.
2 years ago