What Are The Top 10 Road Trip Songs to Keep Everyone Happy?

Oct 25, 2021
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It’s nearly time for us to hit the road again. With borders starting to open, family and friends are planning their freedoms with a trip. As we all know, road trips can be fun and give a sense of freedom, but there’s always ONE thing that comes between passengers. The music. It’s time to decide the top ten road trip songs that always keep the punters happy.

Elton John - Tiny Dancer

Perhaps it’s because of the iconic scene in Almost Famous, or perhaps it’s just because it’s an iconic song, but Elton John’s Tiny Dancer is the ultimate road trip tune. Everyone knows all the lyrics, everyone sings along. At the first note of the piano, everyone knows what’s about to happen — the ultimate karaoke. 

Van Morisson - Brown Eyed Girl

Road trips are all about feeling good, excitement in the air. Nothing makes you feel as good as when you’re singing along, “sha la la la la” on Van Morrison’s classic hit Brown Eyed Girl. No one hates this song, it’s scientific fact.

Xavier Rudd - Follow the Sun

It isn’t all about singalongs, but what suits the surroundings. Follow the Sun is the most beautiful beachy song. It sums up summer. It gives us all the summer feels. There’s nothing better than driving on a coastal road with Follow the Sun blasting from the speakers.

David Bowie - Heroes

Maybe it’s the scene from Perks of Being a Wallflower, with Emma Watson hanging carefree out the roof of a car. Maybe it’s Bowie’s formidable voice. But this song is the best song to play down an empty highway. It’s the dusk turning into night sorta song. The song is a classic. And, like a fine wine, it’s only gotten better with age.

Eagles - Take it Easy

Maybe a little cheesy, but never a letdown. This Eagles’ classic written by Jackson Browne is a pub classic as well as a road trip one. This is the song for finding a random watering hole to stop off, have a drink. Watch the world go by. Life on the road is easy, so there’s a song to go with it.

Tom Petty - Won’t Back Down

Everyone knows the opening riff of Tom Petty’s classic Won’t Back Down. Tom’s unique voice and memorable lyrics make this song a banger for a singalong. Half the crowd takes the backup vocals, the other the main vocals. Someone’s guaranteed to bust out the air guitar. Here for it!

Beastie Boys - Fight for Your Right

If Beastie Boys knew one thing it was how to create a party banger. Fight for Your Right was and remains to be the ultimate party song. How do I know? Because it’s literally in the title of the song. There’ll be no skipping to teh next song when this one comes on.

Edwards Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros - Home

Much like Xavier Rudd, this song isn’t so much about the singalong factor, but its ability to create memories. Driving through the mountains, with endless sky above you, this song is nostalgic. Home isn’t where you’ve come from, it’s who you’re with.

Oasis - Wonderwall

It might have been such a typical choice that it’s reached meme status, but there’s good reason. Oasis’ huge hit Wonderwall is just so singable! It’s been played over and over again until we thought we were sick of it… and then… “I said maybe…”

Deep Blue Something - Breakfast at Tiffanys

This is the ultimate cheesy song. The one hit wonder is on every karaoke playlist. No one knows the verse. No one. But everyone, every single person, knows what about Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The person who complains the loudest at the start of the song will be the one singing the loudest by the end.