American Samoa

American Samoa

American Samoa is arguably the one last authentic tropical escape left in US territory....and the most remote, about 8,000 km away from the mainland.

Smack bang in the middle of the Pacific, in the heart of Polynesia, they don't get much more off the beaten path than American Samoa. Covered with incredible volcanic peaks, thick rainforests and pristine coral reefs, the vast majority of the country remains virgin landscape. Explore fascinating Samoan heritage, pretty much as untouched as the landscape, or look into Samoa's most fascinating entry onto the mainstream world stage - its World War II history. More likely, just relax, soak in lush scenery, dive the crystalline ocean waters and immerse yourself in a colourful, ancient culture.

You won't find a big city, but the capital of Pago Pago on Tutuila offers many popular attractions and activities such as hiking on Mount ‘Alava. Two Dollar Beach, National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa, hotels, shopping and dining at Pago Plaza and Fagatogo Square round out the offerings, while if you're looking to go a little more remote, the beaches on Ofu will sweep you away. In September and October settle in for the peak humpback whale-watching months.

Throughout the year, the island will treat you to land and sea creatures galore, from fruit bats and geckos to dolphins and sea turtles.

Image by Danita Delmont, Shutterstock