The most visited country in the world, and with very good reason, France packs an astounding number of highlights and experiences into one country.

Simply put, it’s pretty much a case of if you’re looking for it France has it covered. A dazzling array of quality food & restaurants is on offer, from Michelin-starred establishments to local cafés and street/market food. If it’s architecture you’re after, chateaus, castles, cemeteries & cathedrals will please the history buffs, while inventive modern buildings are becoming a major feature of France’s main cities. Add in the landscapes and villages of Provence & Normandy, the beach resorts of the French riviera, skiing in the Alps, and wineries across the country to provide sustenance, and you’re sure to find something to make your trip memorable.

Any trip to France must start with Paris, arguably the cultural & romance epicentre of the world, with iconic museums, gardens, palaces & churches (though sadly not Notre Dame), plus enough restaurants and entertainment options to keep you going for weeks. Further afield, expand your insights into the French Renaissance with the obligatory trip to Versailles. After that, take your pick.

Head to the west of Paris to take in the wonderful sights of the Loire Valley and Mont St Michel, or off to the north to visit the very sombre battlefields from WWII. Crossing into the Alps allows you to experience rural & rustic France at its finest, while further south, explore the beautiful Lyon, move down into Provence and then chill out at Cannes or Nice for a few days. After all that, you've still barely scratched the surface, with any of Carcassone, Annecy, Bordeaux or the Champagne region being worthy of inclusion on any first-timers list as well, So, do some careful itinerary planning to make sure you get your own highlights covered off.

And, wherever you travel make sure you sample the local fare, and that doesn’t mean French fries! The home of cheese, bread and pastries, not to mention some of the more sophisticated food offerings on the planet, and sumptuously rich desserts, all washed down with any one of the world-famous wine region offerings.

Image by StevanZZ, Shutterstock