One of the most accessible (especially for English speakers) countries in West Africa, Ghana packs a punch whatever type of adventure you're looking for.

Pulsating Accra, with its vibrant nightlife and restaurants is a highly energetic intro to a country brimming with attractions of all sorts. The coastline is a seemingly continuous swathe of sand and palm trees, interspersed with Ghana's most poignant landmarks, the castles that formed a large part of the West African slave trade right up until 200 years ago. Now preserved as beautiful colonial relics, they are a feature of any trip to the region to discover more about its sometimes barbaric past.

To the north, the cultural centre (and national capital) of Kumasi showcases the Ashanti culture at its best, while much further north again, Mole National Park presents a swathe of animals and birds for one of the more authentic (and budget-driven) safaris on the African continent. Add in rope bridges, surfing along the coast and great hiking opportunities, and this pocket-sized country presents myriad options for tourists seeking something a little more unique and off-the-beaten path.

With a culture that blends the beauty (and fabrics) of its Ashanti roots, the wonderfully enthusiastic celebration of Christianity Ghanaian style and the Muslim culture that has given some wonderful architecture to the country, Ghana is the best of West Africa in a single package, and well worth exploring.

Image by Homo Cosmicos, Shutterstock