Not surprisingly for a country whose 2 halves are separated by at least 800 kilometres of ocean or more, Malaysia serves up two incredibly different holiday destinations and experiences.

Peninsular Malaysia, sandwiched between tiny Singapore and then Thailand to the North showcases the very beat of SE Asian tourist delights. Sublime beaches such as Langkawi and Perhantian are the top targets for those seeking sun and sand relaxation, but you can pretty much beach (or island) hop up and down either coastline and be sure of a top class holiday. Throw in the culture and amazing food of Penang, the big city delights of Kuala Lumpur (shopping, space-age architecture…more food) plus some incredible jungle and highland landscapes across the interior of the peninsula, and the first half of the country has you covered.

Across the South China Sea, things change…a lot! Borneo serves up wilderness and wildlife on an epic scale. Home to the towering Mt Kinabalu for some incredible hiking opportunities, the island offers up an amazing array of outdoor adventures with unique longhouses providing a home while you trek around. Unparalleled diving & snorkelling, untouched jungles rising out of the steamy landscape, and capping a withering collection of wildlife (crocodiles, pygmy elephants among others) is one of the biggest drawcards of the region, the orang-utan. Check them out at the centre in Sepilok.

The diversity doesn’t end with the landscapes, food is where it reaches is crescendo. Hawker stalls provide an array of delicious concoctions from several different cultures melded together. Noodles, laksa, curry and rices of all sorts comes together to cap off a memorable trip which your tastebuds will remember for a long time.

Image by Tristan Tan, Shutterstock