Timor Leste
One of the world’s newest tourist destinations and just a short flight from Australia, Singapore and Bali - come and discover Timor Leste before everyone else does.

Rugged mountains, endless beaches, tropical reefs and a rich cultural experience - Timor Leste is great to explore by motorbike, 4WD or mountain bike. With challenging hiking trails, world class dive and snorkelling spots and whale watching year round - all still a secret - you won’t be battling the tourists here yet.

Head to Atauro Island for eco accommodation, local art and the greatest diversity of reef fish and coral species anywhere in the world. Take a guided climb of Mt Manukoko, laze in the natural springs of Baucau, discover tropical deserted beaches, traditional fishing villages or the caves of Nino Konis Santana National Park . Watch the sun rise from the summit of Mt Ramelau or head to the mountains near Bobonaro and soak in the hot springs while taking in the magnificent view.

Timor Leste’s Portuguese influenced capital Dili “the City of Peace”, is surrounded by green hills and faces the ocean - take a walk on the waterfront and explore the famous markets. Or just spend the day at Areia Branca beach and watch the sun go down from one of the many bars or restaurants.

Image by gaborbasch, Shutterstock